Thursday, February 12, 2009

I love Friday

Hello again!
I love Fridays because.......I get to play with moodle for most of the day. I know now what my father meant when he said work should be like a hobby!! It was practically 3pm before I came up for air!!

Anyway, as I think I said on the email group, I am happily enagaed in a moodle sandpit at present. Today, I have been trying to transfer a face to face session into moodle. Well, it all works terribly well......until......the visual and verbal cues I would use to gauge understanding ina F2F environment aren't there. I can certainly say that my question in my previous blog was a goodie. How do you know they know do you evaluate that? Today, I tried my hand at a few quiz questions by way of trying to get at that. As many of you will know there are some great facilities on moodle for writing these. Though I managed 5, I would certainly not claim that they are the best of ....! But what I want to know that the particpants understand the assessment tool (subject of the 'course') meaures level of risk, and in no way claims to be a predictor that the event will occur. On reflection, the best questions were the matched pairs because I could be tricky and write alternates for the usual assumptions that people make. My own assumption here is that if the learning has been effective, the scores ought to be high on this particular question. but how guessable are they......So to trial them next week and see what the report charts show.

Hope you are all going well

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