Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The first real life blog of my life.....
That was suprisingly painless....well far more painless than the whole process of getting broadband at home has been....If I said that it had taken at least 4 weeks...you would think I was playing eh? But no......and today, the router was OUT OF STOCK!!!! Oh.....do you remember your days of dial up and how slow it is....I am doing most things at work, but social networking sites are banned (at presnt), so there are some things I can't do here.....right now to post......


  1. hello sam
    it is great to see your blog up and running and you have been pretty busy posting. I am looking forward to seeing how your ideas progress.

  2. Hi sam
    According to me dial up connection is always slower than broadband and if you are not able to surf a social networking site due to slow internet connection than try to load it usng proxy servers that require a less bandwidth.
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