Wednesday, February 11, 2009

all wired up!!

Well finally.........I have braodband at home!!

I downloaded skype last night and talked with my parents....very OMG! I haven't seen them for 2 years!. My daughter (aged 6) took to it like a duck to water, tho my son (3) was a little more reserved. sadly they didn't get to see us as the webcam I bought ages ago has been put somewhere 'safe'......real safe.....The e-toys are even cooler whent hey run properly..

Anyway, what am I looking for in the course....

A lot of what I do from an education perspective has implications in a practical sense. Students must turn what they learn into a process, a procedure a way of critically thinking about their patients and/or the circumstances of the admission, but most of all into DOING. So, whilst I can see that e-learning does indeed work for me (but I am a lover of information and finding stuff out) might that shape up for those nurses who aren't motivated in the same way I am and how do I know that application to doing has been done..... So I am looking forward to the opportunity to explore how this might pan out. Important as it is when I need also to be able to demonstrate the value of 'new' technology versus the old for the crusties on the exec!!

Also return on investment is something that interests me......we have long struggled in nursing to clearly articulate and demonstrate the value of education although everyone 'knows' it works. The CFO will ask me to demonstrate this in the longer term LMS project, so I am looking forward to enagaing around that too.....

So that's me at the moment!

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  1. Hi sam
    I have been battling with the same questions since 1996 when I first got interested in elearning and started developing a bioscience course for registered Nurses and Midwives. Although each group I worked with each time I ran the course were scared and skeptical, by the end of the 17 week all online course they were much more confident internet and computer users.

    The online course was a sister course to a one day per week f2f iteration and I developed it to go nationwide. However when I left the nursing school in 2002, none of my then skeptical colleagues were willing to take it on. Interestingly I got much more creative with the online course (I taught the f2f as well) and ended up using learning portfolios - I had more freedom because colleagues did not want to know about the online one. :(