Monday, April 20, 2009

Facebook and life's predictions

Hi everyone

Back from holidays having had the pleasure of catching up with friends who were over from Australia. Nice to have new, but always great to catch up with the old.....!

On the subject of new....I have been experimenting with facebook. A one time anathema for me, I now find I quite enjoy the e-catch ups especially with our overseas friends and their kids grow! I was invited to take part in a couple of questionnaires......what nationality are you really; what grade and subject should you teach; where in australia should you live and what was you occupation in a former life......? The results were interesting.....I should really be a French, kindergarten teacher living in Tasmania who once was an there's an irony!!

I was invited to pitch up to the CFOs office (again) to have the same conversation about imaginery budgets and capex (I really can't believe this was my previous occupation!!).......I finally got my feet out of his in-tray an hour later, still having to 'demonstrate' how much hardware we will need for the LMS pilot. I am not one to throw my hands up in despair (tho can I tell you that this is sooooooooo draining, I am getting close!!). So, my thinking has changed again and as Bronwyn rightly highlighted, I was probably going to need to think in a more compact way anyway!!!.....I am not going to be able to have anything other than a moodle sandpit if I can't answer the hardware question, so........I will back up the bus a little and look at our organisational readiness and accessibility in relation to the development of an on-line waterlow scale learning resource in the LMS pilot setting.

Accessibility Evaluation

Front-end (needs) analysis in relation to my chosen e-learning guidelines which were:

Students/Learning Design SD7Is there a defined process to follow that identifies the feasibility of and appropriate delivery modes for the course and

Managers/Other support MO1 Can staff and students easily use the learning technologies and online resources

Mixed methods approach (to allow for the alternate perspectives!)

using an adapted ADDIE (because of the depth and it includes the performance space which is essential for nursing) by catherine lombardozzi (2008)....I will discuss this model another time to include some of the reasons I like it and the thoughts I have had about it.....

retrieved April 14 2008

with the collection methods as follows:

confidence logs for using technology to learn (what can they do now/ where would they choose to be when they are learning on-line for example. This part will also inform later parts of the process and whether to include getting used to the technology and help desk etc etc...)

Mapping technique for determining computer usage in the pilot area (it will look like a 24 hour graph and show use/no use) to determine when computers are free and for how long. This may help with demonstraing the level of investment in new hardware required in the areas when couple with individual intentions indicated in the confidence log.

I would also like to talk with the nurses in the LMS pilot site about their experiences of using our on-line library as I think there will be some valuable lessons here about accessibility...and trust the responses these will steer us wisely.

....and hopefully not into teaching French to 6 year olds over the ditch!!



Evaluation Cookbook.....Did veryone else know this was available via PDF in a far more readable format than the website?


Accessed 21 April 2009