Monday, August 3, 2009

Facilitating online

Hi everyone
Finally made it~!~ We are having our own private pandemic at my house here in auckland and it is showing no signs of abating!!!

I am here because I want to develop some skills around facilitation. My new job sees me working with people geographically widespread and who are going to be undertaking some or all of their ongoing professional development via on-line means. We are just at the early stages of implementing small scale projects with Moodle. It would be great to have explored on-line facilitation prior to roll out more widely, and to be able to apply and use the skills as we progress.

Looking forward to working with you all this term


  1. I am suspecting that a lot of the people you will be working with will be fairly new to the concept of online community - how will you work in this situation with newbies as you endeavor to facilitate online communities?

  2. At the moment, I have them comment per week on their own someone else's blog. I am also trying to keep up to date with what they are doing too, and commenting on their pages, as well as giving encouragement in my weekly e-mail summary I send out to the team (mainly for keeping everyone on track, but also for supporting). I have done a lot of hand holding so far with some....a lot like in Salmon's model at the first stage. Some though, are really on to it, and are finding the fun in developing their pages and contributing. So far, so good......I am thinking about what next tho when the novelty wears off!

  3. Hi Sam, how are you? Nice to "see" you again as we go through the Grad Cert. I think Salmon's model is great. It helps to get everyone over those first issues. When the novelty wears off is when you get into the real discussion and discourse and start to learn from each other. Very exciting!

  4. I'll be very interested in seeing how you get on with this initiative :)

  5. How are things going? Haven't heard from you need any help? Drop me a line...would love to hear from you.

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